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me? have a boyfriend? no, i try to focus on the more important things in life

like crying over character development

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so many people probably reblogged this as a joke but at the end of the day he’s still stuntin on us lames

How could any1 reblog this as a joke omg tht hair is like a silk ocean

humor blog that follows back

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The musical number "Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)" includes cameos by various historical characters from the time including Maurice Chevalier, Sigmund Freud, Charles A. Lindbergh, Josephine Baker, Claude Monet, Isadora Duncan, Auguste Rodin, and Gertrude Stein.

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I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

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sugar, spice, and a lil somethin for the homies

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Artist: Justin Timberlake/ Beyoncé
Track: Until the End of Time
Album: FutureSex / LoveSounds
Plays: 8489


Justin Timberlake x Beyoncé - Until the End of Time

Beyoncé and Mr. Timberlake should do another duet.

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"Find HER. Find a thousand reasons why you should stay. Find a million different ways to show her you love her. And never let her go to sleep sad."

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